I wonder how many people reply regards the taz Lov2 ( lov3 is now just out but no experience with it)

Based on Craig Spauldings write ups on the product I bought one and use it as primary with the Rollnlock as secondary

Have introduced it to others In Ireland

Feels like the best combo out there for the purpose ( slightly expensive being the only drawback)

Just be interested if others reply to your post , on the use of such a device certified for both ascension and descending in TRS

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In the Ouray Ice park the CAMP Goblin became pretty popular for use as a top rope soloing device.https://camp-usa.com/safety/product/goblin/

according to CAMP it needs to be used on a semi static rope.

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I tend to use ATC in autoblock mode clipped to belay loop + adding some backups knots every X meters (while either hanging on rope powerless or standing good to use both hands). You constantly have to pull the free rope through the device by one hand but after some practice it's quick and I consider it some analogue of clipping. But it looks so bomber and easy to do.

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